Tuesday, October 23, 2012


After observing the so called "non states" of other people and taking pictures of myself, I wanted to capture not just the face, but the entire body with all its beautiful defects.

To establish these dialogues between beauty and ugliness, I had to interfere in the privacy of people by removing them from their context. I portrayed my guests early in the morning in my house or wherever I was invited, forcing them to a place far from their beds. The result could not be more true and authentic.

These are samples of the dissonance between the beautiful we want to be and the ugly we really are, even for a fleeting moment in the morning. People seem to be 'monsters' who need a few minutes to reconnect with our real life after a long trip within our dreams. Poor creatures, cranky, wrinkled, sensitive to noise and light ...

But there a one more truth behind the truth or more ugliness behind the ugliness. :) The paradox of ugliness is the photographer looks early risen, too. So here are a nice picture someone took while I was taken a picture. Who is the ugly and who is the beast? 

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