Saturday, January 10, 2015


Let's dust off our trashcans in our computers, cell phones and cameras, because the No Moments, which are considered an error or a photographic accident and therefore discarded, will be back to life!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Dear friends,
Take a little bit of time while reading this. I would really like you to participate.


How often have we heard that to take an image needs time to get everything perfect, it must be done in such a way or another, that the object, person or place photographed should be beautiful. However, despite the good will of those who have in their hands the power to portray, how many times have we said "erase this picture I look horrible", "don´t show it to anybody or I'll kill you" or "he is not as ugly in person, but on the photo he always looks awful" .
If we can not deny that there are hundreds of rules that not only have facilitated the work of the photographer, but also allowed us to see the world beautiful and in extraordinary ways. But there are so many and sometimes so categorical that they almost border on the absurd. Why is it so frowned portray someone while eating or yawning? How close is 'too close' to photograph something? Why it is unacceptable that something goes out of focus?

I invite everybody to participate in my research project called "The paradox of ugliness", sending me pictures you have ever taken, but for considering them as ugly or imperfect they have never been shown or published. Those who for some reason have been saved in the depths of your files or have gone to the bin of your electronic devices, becoming the kind of monsters that live in the darkness of the digital dungeons, whose closure seeks to ensure that never come to light to be discovered by 's eye. In short, I need your accidental shots you have hidden, ignored or discarded. Images dodging, breaking and put in check the classical rules of "good photography".

Send your photos "virgin", "raw" and exactly as they were taken. The images may be in jpg, tiff, or raw, in their originally size. No need to have them manipulated or retouched. It may be errors or technical accidents (exposure, blur, bad light, bad framing, etc ... )  or "the wrong moment" (absurd or grotesque poses, red eyes, almost unrecognizable objects, etc ... ).

The rights remain with the owner and your name will always listed.


Monday, November 5, 2012


On September 6th at 7 pm, COURAGE TO CONFESSION opened to the public. "Aseismanos" brought up with beautiful cocktails and great live music. The skilled hands of the girls of "La peluquería" transformed beautifully combed heads in rather lively morning hairstyles and gave the whole event an uncomplicated and exciting character. All was documented in little printed photographs. Hanging them on the wall was like giving every visitor the possibility to be part of this exhibition and show a lot of courage to walk like this out of this place. :)

With this exhibition, I have ventured on a very complex subject that until today is still incomprehensible and obscure. Freshly risen up, unloved and despised by ourselves, the "non-states" of our everyday life shows an incredible truth. We appear far from our idea of ​​being beautiful. We actually do not seem to be restored, on the contrary, we look lovely unstable. COURAGE TO CONFESSION is an example of the dissonance between how beautiful we want to be and how ugly we really are, even for a fleeting moment in the morning.

Special thanks to:
Juanda for being a good organizer a perfect assistant and a good friend.
Christophe for being open to every new idea and his incredible good mood.
Meli and her hairdressers for their fantastic creativity and their sensitive feeling for different projects.
David, Karen y Sergio for their incredibly fast and uncomplicated way of construction. 
Alejandro and Sergio for their selfless commitment and photographical support.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


In addition to the photographs I wanted to show not only a moment, but an entire section of the morning state. So I took 1 minute long videos and fitted them all together in a movie. With the help of Martin Franke, a german musician and composer, each state got their own soundscape, a entire little world of of sound details, precisely tailored to each blink. Thank you Martin :)

Monday, October 29, 2012


The gallery 'aseismanos' is ubicated in the centre of Bogotá and was founded by three french. It is an original place with a lot of cultural spirit and a wild mixture of culinary delicacies of the two countries. In the middle of the permanent crowdy life of Bogotá it seemed to be a perfect place to show my silent beauties. 

The installation was done by 'La Productora' an art production agency who at first had to fix and renovate all walls of this ancient building. Afterwards they put every picture carefully on its place. Thanx David, Karen and Sergio !

* Pictures are published in 'La Productora' Flickr's photoset

Thursday, October 25, 2012


While taking pictures, I just started planning a little happening for my exhibition. What would be if dreams become true? What happens at night in my bed with me? Are there little hairstylists working at night?

So I decided to do an morning hairstyle session in middle of the exhibition. To do so I needed a background, lightening and little bit of styling. So here come some nice samples of my beautiful testing dreamteam. Thanx Juanda & Alejo :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Sometime when I was visiting my family, I noticed that all family members in the morning have somhow a similar felty appearance; old and rotten clothes, with stupid patterns and of course "horrible" hair. So I decided to take pictures of a whole family. The results are quite depressingly funny...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


After observing the so called "non states" of other people and taking pictures of myself, I wanted to capture not just the face, but the entire body with all its beautiful defects.

To establish these dialogues between beauty and ugliness, I had to interfere in the privacy of people by removing them from their context. I portrayed my guests early in the morning in my house or wherever I was invited, forcing them to a place far from their beds. The result could not be more true and authentic.

These are samples of the dissonance between the beautiful we want to be and the ugly we really are, even for a fleeting moment in the morning. People seem to be 'monsters' who need a few minutes to reconnect with our real life after a long trip within our dreams. Poor creatures, cranky, wrinkled, sensitive to noise and light ...

But there a one more truth behind the truth or more ugliness behind the ugliness. :) The paradox of ugliness is the photographer looks early risen, too. So here are a nice picture someone took while I was taken a picture. Who is the ugly and who is the beast?