Thursday, June 28, 2012


Dear friends and acquaintances,

For my project Photographical questions about the beautiful appearance of the ugly and the ugly phenomenon of beauty I absolutely need your help.

From the earliest times man has been interested in beauty. But what is beauty? A event? A state? 

A desire or just a thesis? Is there something like a universal and objective beauty or the beauty originates in the eye of the beholder? Can you discuss about beauty, or is it a pure, non-transferable matter of taste? Why, then, beauty is possible, as Rilke said, "just the beginning of the terrible"?

What if ugly is what allows us to recognize the beauty? What is it that we deleted every time we choose something? What happens if one usually shows the ugly, which is normally also the invisible? Are we fascinated about it or are we disgusted about it? My interest is to investigate this phenomenon in a visual way to deal with the supposedly ugly "non-moments" or "the intermediate states" of our everyday life.

For this reason, I'm looking for "freshly risen" faces and "ready for going to bed" appearances. This works like that:

1. Take a photo of yourself right after getting up (maximum of 2 minutes thereafter, format landscape). Best choose a plain background (for example a white wall). No beautifications, no extra smile, or any adjustment. Simply pull the trigger!

2. Take a photo right before going to bed of yourself. Creamy skin, oily hair and rumpled appearance included. :)

3. Provide the photos with your name and send it to me confirming to be published eventually.

Courage to confess!

Greetings and Thanx