Monday, November 5, 2012


On September 6th at 7 pm, COURAGE TO CONFESSION opened to the public. "Aseismanos" brought up with beautiful cocktails and great live music. The skilled hands of the girls of "La peluquería" transformed beautifully combed heads in rather lively morning hairstyles and gave the whole event an uncomplicated and exciting character. All was documented in little printed photographs. Hanging them on the wall was like giving every visitor the possibility to be part of this exhibition and show a lot of courage to walk like this out of this place. :)

With this exhibition, I have ventured on a very complex subject that until today is still incomprehensible and obscure. Freshly risen up, unloved and despised by ourselves, the "non-states" of our everyday life shows an incredible truth. We appear far from our idea of ​​being beautiful. We actually do not seem to be restored, on the contrary, we look lovely unstable. COURAGE TO CONFESSION is an example of the dissonance between how beautiful we want to be and how ugly we really are, even for a fleeting moment in the morning.

Special thanks to:
Juanda for being a good organizer a perfect assistant and a good friend.
Christophe for being open to every new idea and his incredible good mood.
Meli and her hairdressers for their fantastic creativity and their sensitive feeling for different projects.
David, Karen y Sergio for their incredibly fast and uncomplicated way of construction. 
Alejandro and Sergio for their selfless commitment and photographical support.

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